Movie success rate prediction using data mining

Movie Success rate predication using data mining

Looking for a final year project using data mining? Then movie success rate prediction using data mining can be a good idea for your final year project.

This is the most interesting and discrete final year project idea using data mining. in this application, we have developed a mathematical prototype for predicting the movie success class, whether it’s going to be hit, superhit, or flop.

For doing this final year project, first of all, we have to evolve a methodology in which the admin has to collect past data of the following commodity, that influences the success of a movie.

  • Actor past data
  • Actress past data
  • Director past data
  • Music data that impacts the success

Now Administrator will add on film crew data also new movie data along with the release date. With the help of the above, all past data films will be labelled as superhit, hit, or flop.

with the concept of data mining, the user will be able to predict the success rate of upcoming movies. also, find out the marketing budget similarly, the user will able to choose the best releasing date. for better understanding, If the movie releases on weekend, a new movie will get higher weightage or if the movie releases on weekdays new movies will get low weightage. Due to this system, the user can easily decide whether to book tickets in advance or not.

Advantages of movie success rate prediction using data mining

  • This application helps to find out the review of the new movie.
  • Users can easily decide whether to book tickets in advance or not.
  • prediction of marketing budget


If you are looking for final year project ideas we are here to help you out. The movie success prediction system is only one example we have even more ideas for you. just fill out our contact us form and handover your final year project to us. our team will be happy to serve you.

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