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cakePHP home work assignments helpCakePHP is a tool used for Web Application Development. It makes the process simple, easier and faster. It requires less code that is why it is one of the most preferred web frameworks today. Technology student pursuing higher educations have this one of the most suitable and important subjects to learn in computer programming. A student pursuing Cake PHP as one of the subjects in their studies opens various opportunities to get a job. It helps to adds impressive impact in CV. It is well known and recommended for its following features

  • Model-view-controller or MVC approach

MVC approach CakePHP rightly handles the different aspects of data processing. Where Model controls data handling, view supports data rendering and controller interacts and responds to the database dynamically to produce the right functionality for the framework.

  • Object Relational Mapping or ORM

It allows access to data from different category whether from a database or an object-oriented programming language. From one compatible platform, it allows to create class objects, define relations between tables, validation components, other resources and other elements.

  • Class inheritance

CakePHP code runs in two different main folders, where one can watch and work separately. It feels great and looks amazing that your work runs in several codes.

  • Extendable program with plugins

Another interesting feature is that the code can be reused employing the existing facilities which are available in form of components, helpers, behavior, and extensions. However, it can be done without disturbing cake’s core library.

  • NO configuration

While working with CakePHP there is no requirement of any installation it runs employing auto-detect feature.

  • Built-in validation feature of CakePHP makes it an advanced and easy going framework to work with.
  • CRUD (create, read, update and delete feature) Scaffolding feature allows to produce, modify, and update work anytime.

web designingThe above features make it one of the recommended and highly used platforms for building a web application. For students dreaming to have a career in software engineering or web development must learn CakePHP in academic to have a bright future.


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