11 Jul

java and javascript are same or not?

The world today is awash with data. While data has become abundant and ubiquitous an advanced approach to handle and manage it is programming. 

Java and Javascript or the same or not?

Programming is important to collect, manage, calculate, and analyze the processing of data and information precisely. Moreover, programming is vital for accelerating the input and output of machines.

which is employed for creating software and applications that help computer and mobile users in lifestyle. Programming may be a basic literacy within the digital age. lots of parts of our daily lives are already governing by programming.

but it’s expected to become more prevalent thanks to advances in robotics and therefore the internet of things.

Importance of learning programming

Despite the fact programming is becoming crucial to our lives, most of us don’t have enough knowledge about it. We don’t know the very first thing about what makes our smartphones, laptops, social media networks, and video games run which we are using on a regular basis.

Learning programming is too beneficial in the present and future.and it provides a huge opportunity to gain a lucrative job. Furthermore, programming is significant for learning to innovate and to create eco-friendly solutions for global problems.

As the famous scientist Stephen Hawking said “Whatever you want to uncover the secrets of the universe.

or you want to pursue a career in 21st-century basic computer programing is an essential skill to learn”. 

Introduction to Programming Languages

In order to enter the field of computer programming, one should learn programming languages.

What are Programming Languages?

“They are an artificial language comprises of a set of instructions which are used to facilitate the communication about the task of organizing.

and manipulating information and expressing algorithms precisely”.

 From the past 50 years, computer programmers have been writing codes new technologies continue to emerge and evolve and now there are almost 2500 programming languages.

In this article, you will get information about two programming languages which are “Java” and “JavaScript”.

and what is the difference between both of these languages, these are one of the most famous programming languages.

Basic Introduction to Java and JavaScript 


it is one of the most renowned programming languages with its abounding use. Java was developed by “Sun Microsystems” Company and now owned by “Oracle” Company. Nowadays internet is thoroughly drenched with Java run programming and making abundant of such applications that make our daily lives easier.

The are many reasons behind Java’s popularity like its programs can run on different types of computers as long as the” Java Runtime Environment” (JRE) is installed on the computer.

furthermore, it is popular in Android smartphone applications and also used in building small applications modules for use as a part of the webpage. 

Some of the major organizations using Java are   Eclipse Information Technologies, eBay, and Eurotech. Programs that use or are written in Java include Eclipse, Adobe Creative Suite,  Lotus Notes, and OpenOffice.


Today it is harder to find a company that doesn’t use JavaScript, the main advantage of this programming language is that all modern web browsers support JavaScript and can run on any operating system.

It is an invincible programming language that is a client-side scripting language which means it is run by the browser when a user requests an “HTML page” with JavaScript in it the script is sent to the browser and it is the browser who is responsible to execute it. JavaScript was originally developed by “Netscape” and as a means to make some dynamic and interactive characters to the website.

JavaScript is predominately used in website and game development. Some of the major organizations JavaScript work with are Yahoo, WordPress, Soundcloud, Linkedin, and many others. 

Difference between Java and JavaScript

Java and JavaScript having similar names but different Functions

 New programmers and non-tech people alike have long befuddled Java and JavaScript, but their only commonality is the word Java.

Java and JavaScript are two programming languages that are primarily used for different purposes and are useful in their own regard. Each one of the languages has strength over the other.

Both languages are prolifically used by programmers for a diverse range of tasks.

Java and JavaScript each have a considerable difference between them when it comes to what these languages are capable of doing. 

Key Differences between Java and JavaScript

Java is employed widely in Android apps, MasterCard programming, and within the creation of desktop applications and web enterprise applications. On contrary thereto JavaScript is essentially wont to make sites more “interactive”. it is often wont to do neat things like creating animations in HTML.

Considering how these both languages are used, Java is employed for all “server-side” development.

and JavaScript is employed for developing “client-side” scripts for functions like interactivity.

Java is a” multi-threading” which means it assists such programs where a number of tasks can be manipulated concurrently.

whereas  JavaScript does not support “multi-threading”  Chrome or any other webpage do program tasks in separate multiple components like tabs or plug-ins into separate processes.

Java language has to be “compiled” the code is translated into bytecode then the machine will generate code.

which will then directly executed by the machine for all this process the interpreter is responsible, on the opposite side JavaScript code does not need to be compiled and just need to be “interpreted” for that it is directly executed in the browser.

statically typed

Furthermore, Java is “statically typed” which means variables, parameters, and members of the object are known to the compiler, on the other hand,

JavaScript is “dynamically typed” in which variables are known to the compiler and have the option to be changed during execution.

Java language has “namespaces” in its writing while JavaScript does not contain any namespaces in it.

it is a language that is “class-based” and implies that the defined classes invoke the objects, on the other hand, JavaScript is “prototype-based” which means generalized objects have the potentiality to doubled and extended further it can share the methods and properties of objects.

Java is an “Object-oriented programming”(OOP) language that is associated with concepts like objects, classes, “encapsulation” and “abstraction”.

JavaScript is specifically object-oriented scripting language which means it is not object-oriented but it supports OOP through prototypes.

language java execution is held in five steps which are Edit-Compile-Load-Verify-Execute whereas JavaScript execution takes place in two steps Creation and Activation Stage.

Another difference in Java and JavaScript programming language is that Java takes much memory to function properly.

but JavaScript can work in comparatively less memory that’s why JavaScript is used in many webpages.

characteristics and difference

Proceeding further in knowing the characteristics and differences of Java and JavaScript Programming languages one should also know how to disable these languages, to disable Java it can be by Java Control Panel finding Java in the programs list and uninstall it and for disabling JavaScript one should only follow the different instructions of various browsers like Internet Explorer and Opera, etc.

In addition to that one must know the scope of Java and JavaScript, Java uses “Block-based scoping” in this once the block comes out of the control the variables go out of scope.

Besides that JavaScript uses “function-based scoping”  in these variables can be accessed in the function.

After knowing all the above context about Java and JavaScript, you should also know from where you can learn these languages.

Java has a diverse range of online documentation, forums, and community support.

similarly, JavaScript has also extensive online documentation and resources. You can learn Java language to build various applications and JavaScript language for building web applications and websites.

Scope of Java and JavaScript

 A newcomer to programming will learn that Java and JavaScript both are worthwhile languages to add to their coding repertoire. Most programmers and developers suggest that learning these both languages back to back is a wise step for newcomer programmers. With the rapid increase in the advancement of new technologies and in this generation.

there are much interest and demand in cyber-security for which the need for skilled .computer engineers rises. Computer engineers should expect to see the growth in employment in the coming years. For this, you should be prepared to thrive in a competitive environment and should enthusiastically pursue these computer programming skills.

So, for sure Java and JavaScript, both languages under one’s belt will provide new programmers with money-making job opportunities down the road. 


Hence both languages Java and JavaScript can create outstanding web page events.

and can provide a great interaction between user and webpage but Java is more difficult and rigid then JavaScript,

this is because JavaScript does not need any compiler or editor if you have a browser. Collectively Java and JavaScript both are equally advantageous in their respective areas of requirement with a wide range of features.