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An electronic management system (EDMS) or electronic records management system is a framework of tools for managing the creation. use, and storage of documents in multiple formats that are created throughout an organization. Typically, document management refers to a centralized software system that captures and manages both digital files and images of scanned paper documents.

electronic management system share many similar features with enterprise content management (ECM) systems; however, document management software systems. focus on the use and optimization of active documents and structured data. such as Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, emails, and other defined formats. whereas ECM systems also manage unstructured content and rich media formats. However, the electronic management system is much more than simply scanning and saving. it is a comprehensive system that enables knowledge workers to efficiently organize and distribute documents across the organization for, better-integrated use within daily operations.

Electronic Management System  contain tools for:

  • Creating digital files and converting paper documents into digital assets.
  • Easily sharing digital documents with the right knowledge workers.
  • Centrally organizing documents in standardized file structures and formats.
  • Storing and accessing information for more efficient use.
  • Securing documents according to standardized compliance rules.

By centralizing information use and access, document management is the hub on which broader information management strategies. like ECM, records management, and business process automation can be connected and deployed.

The project electronic management system or electronic records management system is all about managing the Electricity bill system.
where users pay an electrical bill via Mastercard or open-end credit.
This system is automated conventional for bill pay. The system would be having 3 logins for patrons, admin, and employee. Admin will manage all the registered customer’s login detail and their bill payment. it (admin) can view all details, they need the authority to feature and take away customers and employees from the account.
therefore admin can add an employee to the account and provides some authority to them. like an employee can see details of consumers.
The employee is going to be divided into parts per their description.
The customers are going to be divided by ZipCode. If just in case Customers are unable to pay the bill by the maturity then they’re going to charge the penalty for every subsequent day.

Detailed Description of Module of the project ( electronic management system )

Welcome page: 
There will be a welcome page for the electronic management system. And that will be for 3 seconds.
Login page for customers: 

After registration, customers can view their bill details, due date, and penalty if any. The user will get only those privileges that are given to the purchasers that one has registered. customers are ready to make a payment, they will save their MasterCard and open-end credit details for future use. they will check what percentage points they use for the present month. or back month for the bill they will see the history of payment also.

Login page for Employee: 
If the user is an employee of the electronic management system . or electronic records management system. then he can make changes to the data like adding units in the bill, used by a customer. They will work as per their job description.
Login page for Admin: 
This module can only have one account and this account has all the privileges which an employee account does not have. They verified all details only if they did not authorize to the addition of an employee. in the database then no one can able to log in. 

Queries form:

In this module, the customer can ask any query and the query with details. will be sent to the person who is managing queries and then the employee or admin can give the answer for the query.
Admin can also see any query made by the customer and can also reply to the customer according to the query.
Help page:  
Under this module, there will be a help page for customers. where customers can choose the question as per their needs and the question. and their answer will be saved into the database and they will get an instant answer.
Check spend unit :
In this, any particular customer can be found using a unique meter id ( which is saved in the database by Admin). and the remaining balance of a customer can be checked.


By chance, if the customer is unable to pay the electric bill by the due date. then there would be a penalty charge based on the per-day rate multiplied by the number of days. The system must update this status from time to time.
Once the penalty would be paid system will get updated within a few minutes.

What is the main Motto behind the electronic management system?

  • The system saves paper the need of maintaining paper electricity bills. as all the electricity bill records are managed electronically Big no for Paper.
  • Admin doesn’t have to keep a manual track of the customers and employees. The system automatically calculates the penalty. Big-time saver
  • customers don’t have to visit the office for bill payments. Hassle-free
  • There is no need for a delivery boy for delivering bills to the customer’s place. Money Saver
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